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underwater for 2030

Ally Tips

  • Be friendly and kind to all, and say hello!

  • Listen, and trust, that the person knows more about themselves than you do.

    • Be open to learning and expanding.

  • Intent and impact are not the same.

    • Even if you “didn’t mean it that way” recognize that the impact can be different.

  • Ask for clarification instead of making assumptions.

  • Avoid asking questions that could be overly personal or sensitive subjects.

  • If it starts with a qualifier, it already is.

    • Example: "I don’t mean to be sexist/ableist/racist/transphobic but…"

  • If you mess up, apologize and move on.

    • Work on doing better next time.

Take a look at our partnered companies, who continue to help us achieve our goal of making underwater for all a reality.

We believe that SCUBA diving and underwater recreation should benefit the people, environments and communities where it happens. We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion needs to be made a priority in the dive industry. We commit to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the dive industry through our businesses.


Angel City Divers

A dive school aimed at making scuba more accessible with affordable and flexible courses.

  • Scuba courses

  • Gear maintenance

  • CPR/First Aid Courses

Los Angeles County, CA

  • Instagram

Ashley Bascherini, LMFT 

Individual and partnership therapist

Telehealth or in person, California 

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    Financial Sharktress

    Virtual CFO/Bookkeeping services and Financial Wellness Coaching. I turn overwhelmed entrepreneurs & businesses into sharks with their money so they can feel confident and empowered!

    • Virtual CFO Services

    • Bookkeeping, Payroll, A/P, A/R, Strategic Planning

    • Financial Wellness Coaching

    Nationwide in USA

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • TikTok

    Narwhal Divers

    Narwhal Divers, a Trans & Queer-led and centered business, creates access and safer spaces for all people interested in diving. We prioritize community-centered, inclusive, accessible, and affirming spaces to explore the underwater world. Narwhal Divers is an agent of change shifting the narrative in the world of diving.

    • Community-centered classes, events, dive trips, and more.

    Narwhal Divers is a manifestation of the two things Niko loves the most: diving and serving the Transgender and Queer community. He wants to make the world of diving a safer place for all, but especially Trans folks. Niko hopes you’ll love diving as much as he does and is always happy to chat with folks about diving, feel free to reach out to him with any questions at All are welcome!

    SF Bay Area. Available to travel to you. 

    • Facebook
    • Instagram

    Neptune's Splendor Scuba

    Exceptional experiences through exceptional training

    • Scuba training - beginner to expert

    • Snorkeling for families

    • Scuba Coaching and guiding

    • Sales and service


    Central Florida USA 

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